The idea of making a film for the big screen was born almost by chance.
When director, Roberto Zorfini, met with an actor friend, Karim Babin, a fire was lit.

Karim began writing the first part of this idea that was conceived,

and when the project began to grow legs, he spoke with producer, Francesca Pala.

Soon after, this trio decided to take the leap and funded what would become Within a Week.
Growing their team of three, Luka Sanader; the Director of Photography,

decided to join the project. Within three weeks the film was cast

and a small but very efficient team of quirky souls began work on the set of

 Within a Week.

Le synopsis

Within a week, Roberto must deliver to his editor an original

and successful love story and put the puzzle of his life in its order.

Roberto Gutierrez Romano is a successful author… or at least he was.
He experienced some discrete success with his "fantasy" books, but in the last three years what he's written has been really weak. 
Now, due to the pandemic, he finds himself alone at home and without work.
His editor Michael receives a call from an old acquaintance of his, Edith, the head of a big film studio looking for a writer like Roberto to create a love story. Michael tries to come up with other names but the studio wants Roberto.
Roberto has one week to write and deliver an original love story, but things are more complicated than you might think.